Mitsubishi Electric AY Series 18000 Btu

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Mitsubishi Electric AY Series 18,000 BTU


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Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP series wall mounted split system reverse cycle air conditioners are engineered for high performance and feature a new square-lined design. Models range from 9000 to 24000 Btu so there is a capacity to suit most cooling and heating requirements around the home.

  • 18000 Btu
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Wall-mounted air conditioner
  • Econo Cool
  • Auto Vane
  • Natural White
  • Low-Temperature Cooling
  • Night Mode
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Powerful Operation
  • Weekly Timer
  • Auto Restart
  • Dual Barrier Coating
  • Auto Fan Speed
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Blue Fin Condenser
  • Super Quiet (18dB(A) for model 25 in heating mode only)
  • Auto Change Over
  • Horizontal Swing
  • Vertical Swing
  • Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter (Optional)
  • Flare Connection
  • Guaranteed Operating Range: Cooling at -10°C ~ 46°C / Heating at -15°C ~ 24°C

Maximum Cooling: 18,425 btu/hr

Maximum Heating: 20,472 btu/hr


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