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Mitsubishi Electric has acquired specialised experience within the museum sector with their VRF systems, which demonstrate their ability to respond to the requirements of the visitor as well as protecting the exhibits. In short, what is essential is to maintain a consistent temperature and relative humidity within precise margins which were imperative to the conservation of works of art, artifacts, and other such items.

Museums, Art galleries

Poldi Pezzoli Museum - Milan

The Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan has chosen Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems to protect its precious heritage, installing both heat pump and heat recovery facilities. Thanks to these features, not only is it now possible to ensure the preservation of the works and the comfort of visitors, but the installation also met with the architectural constraints of the building without impinging into occupied spaces. The high efficiency of these systems also ensures a complementary and harmonising relationship with the natural environment.

Museums, Art galleries

City Art Gallery - Cagliari

The Municipal Art Gallery is located in Cagliari in the public gardens, north of the Castello district.  The main facade was built in 1828, while the original building block, the first headquarters of the Royal Gunpowder company, dates back to 1700 and was turned into a permanent art gallery in the late twenties in the 1900s.  The building is built on two floors with a rectangular planimetry and a central section from which the two symmetrical wings branch out. 

The existing facilities at the Municipal Art Gallery in Cagliari comprised a system used to produce hot water and chilled water produced by a boiler and a refrigerator group, a distribution pipeline system and terminals in the environment installed to reduce accumulated heating loads.  This facility plant, however, was now obsolete and unable to generate the ideal temperature and humidity conditions in the various rooms of the building; moreover, it was not working and had been in this state for several years.

Superior comfort for visitors thanks to the VRF air conditioning, where what is perhaps less noticed, because completely invisible, was the capacity of the  air conditioning system, manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, to maintain the indoor comfort level under control, allowing visitors, throughout the entire premiere evening, to enjoy the evening,  chatting and admiring the works on display without any discomfort.  And this was possible, despite the attendance of a far higher number of visitors that normal.

Museums, Art galleries

Spazio Forma - Milan

Spazio forma is a multi-purpose exhibition centre, dedicated to photography, built in the style of an old Milanese tram.  It offers vast areas of space and utilises advanced VRF air conditioning systems, developed by Mitsubishi Electric, incorporated within the structure of the building to harmoniously provide accurate climate-control throughout both summer and winter.

Palaces & Offices

CABEL Group - Empoli (FI)

Looking at it from a distance, with its neat volumes and rounded shape, it looks like a spaceship that has landed in the industrial area on the outskirts of Empoli.  The CABEL Group, Service Center for the Local Banks in Tuscany, entrusted the design of its new headquarters to the creative architect Massimo Mariani: The result is a simple and attractive building, which stands like a monolith in the Tuscan countryside. 



Our company was selected by the plant engineering firm Elettroprogetti Studio Associati, not only for the excellence of our air-conditioning systems but also for the quality of our management and equipment maintenance services, along with the appropriate consulting advice we were able to provide during the engineering and design phase.

Among the many alternatives considered during the design and engineering phase, the final choice fell on the use of VRF heat pump systems, with variable cooling capacities, produced by Mitsubishi Electric and comprising PUHY YMF-250-C  outdoor units and ducted PEFY-VMMA-A indoor units, for a total of 55 outdoor units and 287 indoor units.

Palaces & Offices


This is the new Tiscali Campus, created from nothing in Sa Illetta, a lagoon area just outside Cagliari, which comprises a  complex of office and server buildings, providing cutting-edge architectural and installation choices.It was designed by Studio Aldo Rossi Associati in Milan and consists of a complex of four 3-storey rectangular buildings, covered in red trachyte and Orosei marble, and hosts all the Group activities.  The total area dedicated to office space is approximately 16,000 square metres and, so far, the company has employed 800 people.

Palaces & Offices


During the revamping of Milan headquarters of Assolombarda, special attention was paid when selecting and designing the wellness systems, not only to achieve thermo-hygrometric conditions but also to control the quality of the ambient air whilst minimising  energy consumptions.



The redevelopment project of the Assolombarda headquarters in Via Pantano, Milan, was part of a restructuring process that invested and involved the HVAC systems already installed, in particular the air handling systems, a refrigeration unit and  a thermal power station.

The VRF primary air heat recovery system maintains comfort temperature control in all environments, allowing simultaneous functioning of heating and cooling throughout each season. In addition to the treatment of latent loads, the primary air ensures ventilation with the right amount of delivered air.  A high level of energy-efficiency is achieved by the heating and cooling system, which also minimises operational costs.  Conceptually, the indoor energy within the building was utilised by transferring heat from areas where there is excess heat into areas where it is required. Optimal energy is obtained in spring and autumn when there is a reasonable equilibrium between the hot spots and cold spots; In these conditions, the system redistributes heat from areas with excess levels of heat, thus cooling them, and transfers it to those where it is required, consequently heating them.

Palaces & Offices


The new headquarters are characterised by the unique triangular design of its base, incorporating VRF heat recovery systems to provide the best solution for primary climate control, with minimal use of energy.
A perfectly shaped triangular layout characterises the new Prisma Business Centre, which is located in Levata di Curtatone, on the outskirts of Mantua.  The building is highly dynamic, and looks particularly striking when viewed along the line of with the apex. 

Palaces & Offices


A dual heat recovery feature characterises the VRF systems installed in three new office buildings: Further to that achieved by the cooling circuit between opposite areas, the exhaust air system feeds the fan coils of the outdoor units, offering an even greater increase in energy-efficiency.

The Torri Bianche Centre in Vimercate is located about 20km north-east of Milan, and just over 6 km from Monza, in the foothills of the Brianza district.  This complex is designed to host servicing activities and hotels and residential structures, and has been able to successfully integrate it within the area by offering its users a variety of services, including a shopping mall, restaurants, bars, a multiplex cinema, and a medical centre, to name just a few.

VRF heat pumps, manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, were installed in buildings 1, 2, 3, and the Student Secretariat, and comprised outdoor motocondensing units, and a number of indoor units, each capable of controlling the climate in one single module.  Each motocondensing unit is connected to no less than sixteen indoor units, each designated to the thermo-hygrometric treatment of one single module.

University campuses


The facilities of the new Salerno University are in direct contact with the fabric of the existing community so that, although lacking a close association with the urban area, it is still effectively part of the city.  The VRF variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems produced by Mitsubishi Electric were installed in this highly innovative “structure of knowledge.

Centralised residental controllers


The city of Caserta is undergoing the development of a multi-functional centre on the site of an abandoned industrial area and former Saint-Gobain glassworks factory, which can provide a model for other similar restructuring operations in Italy. The importance of the restructuring work at the complex in Caserta, apart from its size, is that it is an integrated combination of complementary facilities and activities including offices, shops, a technology centre, plus a variety of facilities providing services to the above, such as a conference centre, a hotel, banks and sports facilities, plus public facilities such as schools, clinics and district social clubs.

The new multipurpose facility will soon be served by a subway station along the Caserta-Naples via Cancello line, which skirts Viale delle Industrie. Plans have also been approved to build a roadway going from North to South, which will travel underground in the Via Ferrarecce zone and the extension of Viale Lincoln, using some of the areas of the former tufa quarries.

A crucial contribution to achieving this goal was given by the installing of a Mitsubishi Electric VRF COMPO MULTi centralised air conditioning system. The innovation of this centralised system applied to the residential sector means that the management of ambient and thermal comfort can be assigned to one single manufacturer.

Centralised residental controllers


Obtaining Energy Rank B certification is already an ambitious goal for a new building, but even more so if you are talking about a restructured building, with imposing architectural constraints resulting from the need to maintain the outer walls. However, the construction company called COIMA has achieved this feat, where it has built the Dolce Vita Homes residential complex from the restructuring of a prestigious four-storey building, consisting of four apartments, near the centre of Milan, in Via Archimede 81.

Centralised residential controllers

One Mircea Eliade - Bucharest

This is a multifunctional real estate project involving three components – residential, office and commercial. One Tower is a class A office building and One Mircea Eliade include three exclusive blocks of design apartments. The entire project is built on a 2.8-hectare plot, out of which 30% will represent green areas. 

The requirement from the architectural side was for a non-invasive character so duct indoor units have been selected, masked by false ceilings. These units are direct expansion, inverter type, offering silent operation, high efficiency and reduced dimensions. Also, due to architectural requirements and occupant comfort, the outdoor units have been installed on the terrace. Seeing the long pipes required from outdoors to the indoor units, the proffered solution was VRF.

Seeing the exclusivist character of the project, the comfort of the occupants is not negotiable. The generous windows offer natural light with no compromise, as well as high efficiency and low heat transfer. In order to compensate the heat gains and to bring the air temperature to the comfort zone air conditioning installations have been necessary.

Centralised residental controllers

One Herastrau Towers - Bucharest

One Herăstrău Towers continues the One Herastrau Trilogy with 2 towers with 148 apartments and 32,000 sqm, designed as a gateway to the city with its towers that offer a panoramic view over Lake Herăstrău and the northern area of the city. It is a mixed compound that includes residential, office and commercial units.

Hospital facilities


During the restructuring of the former Viareggio Hospital in Via Fratti, which has been turned into a National Health Facility, special attention was paid when selecting and designing the comfort and wellness systems, not only to achieve optimal thermo-hygrometric conditions but also to control the quality of the ambient air whilst minimising energy consumptions.

The restructuring project was prepared by the L.H.C. n. 12 Technical Department in Viareggio; the main project included the decommissioning of the existing systems and the realisation of new air conditioning systems, and the achievement of comfortable thermo-hygrometric conditions, control over ambient air quality and the minimising of energy consumptions.
These works were part of an energy policy implemented by the Local Health Centre n°12 in Viareggio aimed at saving on energy costs and achieving a rational and efficient use of energy.

Water-cooled VRF systems offer an appreciable potential application in heritage districts, for two reasons: very low noise level and the fact that the equipment is installed indoors. In addition, they make it possible to achieve appreciable coefficient of performance (COP), which results in containing operating costs and contributing to decreasing indirect emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2) in central areas.

Large scale distribution


While the installation of air-cooled (VRF) variable refrigerant flow systems is fairly widespread in Italy, the use of water-cooled VRF primary air systems however, as the two cases described below, is something quite uncommon.

Bank institutes


The banking sector has some special features when evaluating the technical systems and, in particular, air conditioning systems, due to the widespread view of each component as the subject of investment and therefore analysed with a sensitive approach to issues such as  return on investment, operating costs and useful life expectancy.

This need prompted Mitsubishi Electric to develop a comprehensive approach that focused on the features below:

  •  a remote management system installed at the individual branches and controlled by the bank headquarters or by Mitsubishi Electric itself;
  •  choice of components and systems for branches with the  dual purpose of supplying standardised products and components in order to limit the initial cost and the number of spare parts to be kept in stock

The hotel will make use energy suppliers who only use clean and renewable sources. This combination allows the hotel to use energy without emitting pollutants both locally (the hotel has no boiler, even to heat domestic hot water) and globally. Mitsubishi Electric technology will, therefore, generate a considerable decrease in costs and emissions into the environment.



The first totally eco-friendly hotel in Milan will be located in the vicinity of La Scala theatre.
Hotel Milano Scala is the result of the wise restoration of a nineteenth-century building in one of the main streets in Milan, via dell’Orso, for which the innovative Mitsubishi Electric ststems were chosen to provide air conditioning and heat recovery based hot water systems that run without emitting any pollutants into the atmosphere.



It is not easy at times for HVAC systems to be adapted to suit the  creative ideas of architects and designers, but the result can be more than satisfactory when one participates and becomes a part of their intuition  and create a plant system that is flexible enough to respond to all such demands. As in the case of this unusual and charming hotel, which definitely put the expertise and ability of the designer to the test.

The choice of a plant system capable of responding to the multiple requirements posed by the peculiarities and strong character of the building, fell on the heat pump version of the VRF (variable refrigerant flow) air systems produced by Mitsubishi Electric. These systems proved to be most flexible in responding to the often changing demands and intuitions of the architect, and were able to provide levels of energy efficiency among the highest on the market.

The air conditioning requirements for such a unique building specified modularity, flexibility, adaptation, and ease of installation.

Central Air-conditioning Systems are commonly used for this size of building; however, to make it possible to run simultaneous cooling or heating operations whenever they are required, even during overtime or on weekends, we chose Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI R2 series.



Four Points by Sheraton - Prishtina, Kosovo

The hospitality industry has taken a beautiful turn with Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Kosovo with, a Marriott International brand, joining the game of a country known for its hospitality, which now has a hotel that matches its spirit, built in a quiet space in the district of the capital of Kosovo.